When it’s freezing outside, nothing is worse than not having a working heating system or being in the middle of an extended power outage. To avoid the stress of having no heat during winter if this were to occur, we highly suggest preparing for winter HVAC emergencies now! That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your home will be warm even during chaotic circumstances. Being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way is the key to enjoying comfortable nights the rest of the season. Rather than wait until you find yourself struggling with an unexpected HVAC emergency, follow Mount Washington Heating & Cooling’s useful tips on how to keep your house warm during cold days and prepare for winter HVAC emergencies now!  


  1. Indoor Vents: Make sure to keep your HVAC system at peak efficiency during the winter by keeping all indoor vents free from obstruction. Covering them with furniture, mats, or other items should be avoided, and it’s best if they are left open instead of closed for superior performance. 
  1. Outdoor Vents: For optimal air circulation in your home, keep exterior vents clear of obstacles – especially during snowfall. These can be easily blocked by ice and snow; you should conduct routine inspections and clear them off with utmost caution so as not to damage the vent covers. Gently use a brush or broom to clear them off for the best results. 
  1. Gas Meter: With winter comes the possibility of your gas meter becoming hidden beneath a layer of snow, so it’s critical to know where your gas meter is located beforehand. As you shovel away at your driveway or check those exterior vents, be sure to also take a few seconds for an inspection of the gas meter too! If needed, carefully brush off any ice and snow on top of and around the component. 
  1. Windows: Additionally, don’t forget that drawing curtains and keeping blinds closed can help keep heat from escaping, as this acts as an additional layer of insulation. 


  1. Generator: Making an investment in a dependable backup generator is the best way to prepare for any power outage. Doing so will guarantee that you and your family can remain safe and warm, even during unforeseen circumstances! 
  1. Portable Heater: When your furnace stops working, energy-efficient and cost-effective portable heaters are a fantastic backup plan! Not only are they a fast solution to keeping warm, but there’s a wide selection of economical options available, so you don’t have to worry about stretching your wallet just to stay comfortable! Thus, having a couple on hand in case of an HVAC emergency is never a bad idea. 
  1. Fireplace: Being prepared with the proper tools and accessories, such as firewood, lighters, and matches for your fireplace, can be a lifesaver in HVAC emergencies. To ensure that you are always ready for any emergency, it is essential to have an ample supply of these resources.  
  1. Extra Blankets: If you’re looking for an innovative approach to storing your extra blankets, a basket or tote is the perfect option; they’ll be accessible instantly! This way, you can guarantee you’ll have extra blankets to pull out when necessary.  
  1. Windows: During the winter months, frigid temperatures can be difficult to combat. If your heating system unexpectedly fails you and you find yourself searching for ways to keep warm while waiting for help to arrive or the power to come back on, consider using blankets or towels as a makeshift barrier across windows! Doing so will help retain warmth within your abode while also blocking out any harsh drafts from seeping in. So, even on the chilliest days of winter or in outages, you’ll be able to keep that warm air in as much as possible. 
  1. Doors: During cold weather, power outages, or while you wait for assistance for your broken furnace, it is essential to be mindful when opening exterior doors. When opened, any traces of heat inside may escape. So, limit opening them as much as you can. 

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