On this April Fools’ Day, make sure you stay on your toes and don’t fall prey to simple pranks and jokes that may just test your gullibility. It’s all good fun, though. While the origins of this day remain uncertain, many people love to engage in this day of harmless fun and light-hearted laughs. Yet, as your reliable local heating and cooling experts, Mount Washington Heating & Cooling, we offer a different take today. With a wealth of online information available, discerning fact from fiction is paramount. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to guide you through debunking some of the most common HVAC myths. 

1 – The HVAC Myth That “The Thermostat Location Isn’t Important”  

One HVAC misconception we often see is the thermostat’s placement. It’s a common misunderstanding that the thermostat’s location doesn’t matter, but that’s not accurate at all. Why? Your thermostat gauges the temperature in your home and collaborates with your HVAC system to regulate the air output. So, for instance, if the thermostat is near a heat source like a fireplace, in direct sunlight, or in a drafty spot like a window or exterior door, it could provide an inaccurate temperature reading. This, in turn, can disrupt your HVAC system’s air output, causing it to put out air at an incorrect rate or temperature. Therefore, randomly placing the thermostat just anywhere without considering certain factors can confuse the system and lead to issues. 

To debunk this specific myth, ensure your thermostats are placed on interior walls, away from heat sources or drafty areas. You’ll want to avoid positioning them near windows or exterior doors; hallways are an ideal location. If you require a new thermostat installation or need to relocate one that is poorly situated in your home, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a certified professional for the task. 

2 – The HVAC Myth That “The Temperature Setting Can Be Lowered or Raised to Make the System Work Faster”    

Number two – there is a prevailing misconception that adjusting your thermostat to extreme temperatures speeds up heating or cooling. Meaning to say, if you set your thermostat higher (or lower) than you need, it will speed up the heating or cooling process in your home. But consider this myth busted! In truth, HVAC systems maintain a consistent airflow pace regardless of the temperature setting. This means that the system delivers air at a constant speed. So, you can set your temperature higher or lower, but it’s still going to take just as long to get there. Furthermore, if you let it reach that unneeded temperature, you are just wasting energy you did not need.  

It’s best to simply establish your preferred temperature and allow your HVAC system to operate as intended. If you are encountering this issue frequently, consider investing in a smart thermostat. It enables remote temperature adjustments via a smartphone app, ensuring your preferred temperature upon your return. Additionally, it can be scheduled to align with your daily routines, automatically adjusting the temperature based on your schedule. It’s not a bad solution to resolve this problem if we do say so ourselves! 

3 – The HVAC Myth That “Changing Your Air Filters So Often Is Not Really Needed”  

If you’re a previous customer with us, then it’s likely you already know that changing your air filters is essential! Despite that, some still believe that frequent changes aren’t required for your HVAC system’s air filters. If you stop to think about it and what air filters actually do, it makes sense to stay on track with your air filter changes. Your HVAC system works tirelessly around the clock to provide air in your home. The air filters are set up within your HVAC system to eliminate dust and other particles from infiltrating and causing issues for the HVAC system; they also help boost your home’s indoor air quality. Airborne contaminants and loose particles are abundant in the air, even though they may not be visible to the naked eye. 

Dispel this HVAC myth by regularly changing your air filters every 1-2 months. You can uphold a healthy indoor atmosphere for you, your family, and your HVAC system by staying proactive in maintaining your air filters to prevent contaminants from compromising your HVAC system and indoor air quality. 

4 – The HVAC Myth That “Keeping Up with Your Seasonal Maintenance Checkups and Tune-ups Won’t Make a Difference”  

We’ve reserved the most essential HVAC myth that needs to be busted for the end – preventative maintenance. You know, those seasonal checkups for your air conditioner and furnace. When was the last time you had your units serviced? Do you stay consistent with these inspections or only reach out when issues arise? While it may appear as a standard business practice, it’s truly vital to prioritize your preventative care. After all, your air conditioner and furnace are intricate systems that tirelessly work to maintain your home’s comfort. Just like we routinely change the oil and tune up our cars, our HVAC setup needs similar care as well. 

As a homeowner, it is prudent to ensure that your units are well-prepared and resilient for the changing weather in each season. Therefore, we highly suggest maintaining a schedule for furnace maintenance checks in early fall and air conditioning maintenance checks in late spring or early summer. Moreover, staying up to date with these checks also upholds your manufacturer’s warranty. 

Hopefully, this has offered you some clarity and assisted in determining the best ways to maintain your home’s HVAC system. Differentiating facts from myths in HVAC can be challenging, but as always, our team is dedicated to providing honest and transparent information. For additional HVAC care tips, please don’t hesitate to check out our other blog posts! 

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