What Is Indoor Air Quality & Why Is It Important?


Per the US Environment Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, indoor air quality is in the top five environmental risks to the public’s health. As a result, there are 3.8 million people in the world who die from health conditions linked to poor indoor air quality. While there is not one sole contributor that causes poor indoor air quality or IAQ, this modern-day problem has been made current due to a series of factors, events, and lifestyle contributions. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to identify pollutant sources and make adjustments where it is needed. 

Luckily, your Mount Washington Heating & Cooling experts have all the information you need to get started on your journey to achieve better air quality within your home!

How Do You Identify Common Pollutant Sources?

Pollutant Sources you should be on the lookout for include but are not limited to: tobacco products, household cleaning and maintenance products, hobby materials (i.e., excessive moisture, fuel-burning combustion appliances, building materials (i.e., asbestos-containing insulation, or other materials). In addition, a couple of outdoor pollutant sources are radon and pesticides. 

How Will Air Filters Help the IAQ within Your Home?

Since air filters are a part of your HVAC system’s setup, it is prudent to change your air filters as suggested by industry standards. It’s recommended that homeowners change out their filters every 30-60 days. Doing this keeps your HVAC system running at its best capacity as an air filter’s job is to trap loose particles and allergens from floating within your home.

How Will a Smart Thermostat Help the IAQ within Your Home?

Many homeowners have opted to upgrade to the use of smart thermostats. The neat thing is smart thermostats have numerous advantages. Not only are they beneficial for energy savings and efficiency, but most of them come with an IAQ feature. This feature monitors the IAQ within your home, and when a poor reading is received, the smart thermostat will automatically communicate with your HVAC system. This causes the appropriate adjustments to be made so fresh air is circulated throughout your home instead. As a bonus, smart thermostats are also great because they are affordable. So, if you dont already have one installed in your home, call us today, and we will get you situated!

How Will a Humidifier Help the IAQ within Your Home?

If you deal with a lack of moisture in the air within your home, you may need to utilize a humidifier to raise humidity. Dry air is prominent in the wintertime, which leads to short-term side effects like dry skin, nose bleeds, chapped lips, and breathing or sleeping issues. Simply using a humidifier will raise the moisture levels in your home to a healthier, not to mention a more comfortable level.

How Will a Dehumidifier Help with the IAQ within Your Home?

Perhaps you are dealing with the opposite issue? Maybe you are experiencing excessive moisture in the air within your home? If so, then a dehumidifier is what you need. The level of humidity in your home needs to be between 30%-50% for a balanced level. Any rate higher can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. This, of course, is detrimental to your and your family’s health as it leads to long-term health conditions related to heart and respiratory diseases.

Health effects due to poor IAQ can be both short-term and long-term. If one individual is showing signs of irritation due to a particular pollutant, but no one else in the household is showing signs of adverse reactions, keep in mind that age and preexisting medical conditions are factors. It is also possible for an individual to only show irritation after more than one exposure. Symptoms or aggravation can occur after repeated times. Therefore, it’s crucial to act immediately and remove any pollutant sources, although you may not notice any symptoms at the moment. 

Improving air quality in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Mount Washington Heating & Cooling is here to partner alongside you. If you have any questions regarding any of the IAQ components above, please get in touch with us. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year! Our goal is to make sure you experience the five-star difference on every call and appointment. So call today at (513) 655-5115, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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