What Are the Dangers of DIY HVAC Repairs & Maintenance? 


Before you jump to assessing and fixing your HVAC system yourself, there are a few things our team at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling would like you to know about the dangers of DIY HVAC repairs and maintenance. Keep in mind there are a few things that are a cause for concern when repairing or maintaining your residential HVAC system, for example,  further damage to your system and risking the safety of your home and yourself.

What Damages May Occur With DIY HVAC Repairs/Maintenance?

Don’t be fooled by the tutorials you find online for AC repairs. The internet, while resourceful, is notorious for making things appear straightforward and attainable. While we encourage you to reach for the stars, we don’t advise trusting these tutorials to fix your problems. HVAC systems aren’t simple pieces of equipment. They’re complex systems with numerous parts. Improperly messing with these components can be cause for requiring a new unit altogether. The information you find online isn’t always credible. Following incorrect advice or instructions can do a lot of harm to your HVAC system. Even if the instructions you’re following are the same brand, the equipment configurations may differ significantly from yours. There are no identical solutions when it comes to HVAC systems. However, our experienced, trained experts at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling will be able to analyze the problem appropriately and perform necessary repairs efficiently. 

How is DIY HVAC Repair/Maintenance Dangerous to You?

HVAC systems utilize an enormous quantity of electricity and pose an even greater risk of electric shock to untrained civilians. OSHA estimates about 187 electrical-related fatalities a year for professionals working in the HVAC industry. If it’s dangerous for them, think about how hazardous it is for you, as someone not trained in the area. Handling leaking refrigerants with care has proven vital as well. Accidentally inhaling refrigerant vapors can result in sudden oxygen deprivation. Severe oxygen deprivation can cause life-threatening problems such as seizures, becoming comatose, or even death.  With that being said, Mount Washington Heating & Cooling wants you to play it safe and let the experts handle your complex HVAC system.

How is DIY HVAC Repair/Maintenance Dangerous to Your Home?

Your HVAC system connects to your home’s electrical system to operate. A/Cs heating systems, such as gas or oil furnaces, use a flammable fuel source, holding the potential for something to go devastatingly wrong during DIY tinkering. Including, but not limited to damage to gas lines, electrical fires, and explosions are all grave consequences of taking the chances of not hiring a professional. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, electrical fires are responsible for killing an average of 310 people every year and seriously injuring an additional 1,100; incorrectly installed wiring is a primary cause of ignition. On top of that, accidentally shorting the wires can significantly damage your home’s electrical system, resulting in a fire or damage to other household electrical components or electronic equipment.

We understand the attraction of all things DIY, but please know this is one thing you ought to leave to the pros. We respect the want to control the circumstances within your home, that’s why our team at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling works hard to help you have a say in your heating and cooling needs without needing to take on all the risks. Stay safe and give us a call today at (513) 655-5115, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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