As a homeowner, being aware of the age of your air conditioner is quite beneficial. So, if you don’t have a general idea of how old your own AC is offhand, it may be time to crack down and find out. Why is that, you may be wondering? We highly suggest keeping track of your air conditioner’s age, as most air conditioners usually last 15-20 years with proper maintenance. For this reason, knowing your unit’s age will help you be prepared in case your AC decides to conk out on you. After all, being blindsided is never fun.  

If you have misplaced your AC’s paperwork and don’t know exactly how old your AC is, please follow these steps from your trusted professionals at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling to determine the exact age of your air conditioner: 

Have You Tried Looking for the Manufacture Date on the Condenser? 

To find the manufacture date, first, you want to head outside and check the nameplate on your outdoor unit, also known as the condenser. The condenser is the large metal box typically located in the backyard or on the side of the house. The nameplate should be on one of the condenser’s sides and contain all the necessary information about the unit. Next, look at the upper right corner to find the manufacture date, usually labeled MFR DATE or something along those lines. If you can’t find it in the upper corner, scan the top of the nameplate for the date in this general area. If you still can’t locate the manufacture date, proceed to step number two below. 

Have You Tried Looking for the Manufacture Date on the Internet? 

If you still haven’t located the manufacture date, no problem! It’s now time to let your detective skills shine. Utilize your investigative skills by writing down the model, brand, and serial number listed on the nameplate, or take a picture of it with your phone – whatever is easier for you. Then use any online search engine and type in these three details along with the phrase “manufacture date” at the end of it before clicking search. Various websites should populate, offering detailed directions for your specific AC model on how to decode the manufacture date. With some research and perseverance, you should be able to determine your air conditioner’s age. Congratulations! You did it. 

Are You Still Experiencing Difficulties with Finding Your AC’s Age? 

If you’re having difficulty determining the exact date of manufacture, we can assist you! Just let us know during your next seasonal HVAC checkup, and one of our skilled technicians will be happy to help you identify the age of your AC. 

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