How Can You Prepare Your HVAC System For Back To School?  


Back to school may be an exciting time, a stressful time for others, or a little bit of both. And no matter if you’re initiating your college expedition, advancing your education, or your kids are beginning school this fall, it can all feel like a lot. But the last thing Mount Washington Heating & Cooling wants is to add on any additional stress. So, let us offer some quick tips to help ready your HVAC system for the upcoming cold season.  

What Are The Pros Of A Clean Air Filter?  

Your air filter plays a substantial role in your heating and cooling system. While often underestimated, air filters aid your HVAC system in a big way. As we get closer to the cold season, we encourage you to exchange your dirty air filter with a clean one or, at the very least, thoroughly clean up the one you have. However, you should switch out your air filter every 1-2 months, ideally before winter begins. Now, here are some wins for changing your air filter regularly:  

  1. Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns 
  1. Lower Energy Expenditures  
  1. Greater HVAC Life Expectancy  
  1. Cleaner Air Quality  
  1. Peace of Mind  

What Is The Importance Of Clean HVAC Coils?  

Dirty coils cause the air quality within your home to diminish, engines to act up, as well as lessen the life expectancy of your system. Furthermore, an unkept system raises the odds of misdiagnosed HVAC problems leading to ineffective repairs.  

How To Spruce Up My Outdoor Unit?  

It’s necessary to tidy up your outdoor unit before the temperature drops to ensure you get the most out of your unit’s functioning and your money. Air conditioners and heat pumps require proper airflow to strengthen your home’s heating ability. Bear in mind that maintaining two feet surrounding your unit, ensuring it is free of vegetation and blockages, is crucial for your unit’s upkeep. Additional problems indicate the need for a professional evaluation.  

If you wish to do a little more for your outdoor system, you could clean your compressor, primarily your cooling fins. First, you must shut off the unit and remove the top panel. Gently clean out as much dirt and debris as possible with a shop vac. Then, rinse the fins with a garden hose, but do not use a high-pressure nozzle. Wash with an in-to-out motion to get the dirt and debris to move in the direction away from your unit. If fins are bent, you may mend them with a fin comb. If a fin comb isn’t available, you may try a butter knife instead. All else should be left to the experts.  

Please, understand the importance of having experts conduct your HVAC maintenance this fall. And here at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling, we know this may be a busy time, but we wish to avoid any unwanted wear and tear to your unit, particularly as winter nears. So, call us today at (513) 655-5115, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We sincerely appreciate your time and business!  

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