How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For Summer Vacation?


Any plans for the summer? July 2021, research showed that 98% of Americans plan to travel this summer. After these past two years of off-and-on isolation, we could all use a change in scenery and a sense of normalcy. Wherever you’d like to go this summer, it is always wise to make a plan to swerve any bumps in your ventures. Mount Washington Heating & Cooling has some advice you should incorporate into your list to promote a thriving environment within your home while you relish your getaway!

How Do Surge Protectors Safeguard Your HVAC System?

Ohio’s thunderstorms, prominent in spring and summer, should be considered when planning a trip away from home. Even if you intend to be relaxing away on a sunny beach, Ohio’s weather can be pretty erratic, so, unsurprisingly, we can’t always rely on our handy dandy weather apps. Your main concern is that where there is thunder, there is lightning. Lightning is a hazard for your HVAC system. By utilizing surge protectors, you evade possible devastation to your system by changing the course of high voltage surges away from your AC and into the ground. Even if there isn’t a thunderstorm near your home, it is valuable to note that power surges are common in the summer. This is due to the higher demand for energy from your home cooling devices, which maximizes your home’s electrical system’s efforts.

Why Worry About My Air Filter While I’m Away?

When roaming the world this summer, there is an endless opportunity for exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens that can knock you on your rear. Maintaining a clean air filter within your household can help cut these allergy symptoms short once you return home. Frankly, I don’t know anyone thrilled to unpack or get back to household responsibilities, for that matter, when returning home. How can anyone expect to get motivation back when unable to shake such allergies? The sticky Ohio summer heat will also require your AC to work harder, increasing the air volume distributed through your system. Due to this increase, more airborne contaminants will get caught up in your filter. Therefore, it is in your best interest to swap out your air filter, whether you choose to travel this summer or not. Conserving a clean filter will guarantee proper air filtration, so you can better enjoy your home’s indoor air quality when you return from your travels.

Why Raise the Temperature of Your Home’s Thermostat While On Vacation?

Much like yourself, your HVAC system would benefit from a little break. What better time to rest your AC than when you are out and about? Standard practice suggests turning up your thermostat four degrees from your preferred setting, optimizing your savings while minimizing the likelihood of system burn-out. Burnouts are more likely if you alter the temperature too much. In working your system harder to re-cool your home, you’re throwing away those desired savings with a higher electric bill. It would be profitable to look more into a programmable thermostat! Programmable thermostats allow you to govern your system while away. They can also alert you and your service provider if something is wrong, helping to provide peace of mind. 

Did you know that vacations are great for your mental and physical health? If this wasn’t obvious enough, research consistently indicates that people who travel are more likely to have less stress, discover more motivation, and improve their overall view of life. Our dedicated staff at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling desires you to find solace in your journeys without any unnecessary grief on your HVAC system or your wallet! Call us today at (513) 655-5115, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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