What Are 5 Ways You Can Winterize Your Home?


Homeowners usually assume that their home is ready for winter, prepared to take on the inevitable weather conditions we get here in Ohio. However, that is not the case. Unfortunately, most folks believe the cost of winterizing their homes won’t outweigh the benefits, but we can assure you that it is very well worth the money and effort. Eventually, something will go wrong without winterizing your home, so don’t you want to prevent that? Well, our experts at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling can help you with just that with a checklist provided below:

  • Outdoor Hoses and Faucets- As simple as this task seems, it can often be forgotten and left on the back burner because of other duties around the home. Regardless, do not forget to turn off the water valve to the outdoor spigot because it can cause freezing pipes and fatal damage. 
  • Residential Heating System– If you cannot remember the last time your furnace had a tune-up, right now is undoubtedly the time to do so. Better late than never, right? Next, clean or replace the air filter in your furnace at least every three months; for best results, check on them every month.
  • Home Sump Pump- To best avoid freeze-ups, home flooding, and other inevitable issues, unplug and disconnect all parts linked to your water pump.
  • Weather Sealing Home- To avoid cool air from the outdoors creeping into your home this winter, weather seal doors and caulks gaps in windows. Ensuring this task is done correctly will guarantee a warm home for the entire family.
  • Ceiling Fans-​ Although this is not very common among homeowners, as a bonus tip, we suggest changing the direction of your ceiling fans to run clockwise to keep warm air circulating the home. 

As many good years have gone by without winterizing your home, you never know when you may have something terrible happen. However, taking the extra step to prepare your home and furnace for winter will always ensure a warm, safe season for you and your loved ones. If you have questions or would even like to schedule a furnace tune-up, call Mount Washington Heating & Cooling today at (513) 655-5115, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here

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