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If you’re searching for higher-quality, year-round heating, cooling, and ventilation experts, the professionals at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling are the ones to trust with your HVAC equipment. Heating, cooling, and air care is our vocation as a family-operated company serving homeowners in Highland Heights, KY. Our goal is to provide homeowners with the top-ranking home comfort products in the HVAC industry at the most incomparable rates in the market.

Our extensive inventory of HVAC equipment includes everything from home comfort systems to air care add-on products. In addition, during the extreme hot and cold weather here in the Highland Heights neighborhood, we provide a helping hand to any heating, cooling, and ventilation services for residents in Highland Heights, KY


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Discovering Highland Heights, KY

Highland Heights, Kentucky, is a city located in Campbell County and lies 8 miles south of Cincinnati. Highland Heights is the home of General Cable and Northern Kentucky University. General Cable is a Fortune 500 company whose present headquarters was constructed in 1992. Being a college area, Highland Heights has many entertaining activities to engage in, such as authentic cuisine, various retail stores, bowling alleys, coffee shops, and much more! As a resident of Highland Heights, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about dealing with HVAC-related issues when you can do business with your local heating and cooling experts at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling. We offer budget-friendly prices on the highest quality products in the industry, with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

The Trusted Choice for HVAC Services in Highland Heights, KY

Our heating, cooling, and indoor air quality care experts at Mount Washington Heating & Cooling can service heat pumps, electric and gas furnaces, as well as other HVAC and air care equipment. Air quality is essential to our way of living and breathing, so we provide air quality equipment like humidifiers, UV lights, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. In addition, our HVAC experts can install any type of home comfort system for residents in Highland Heights, KY.

Our heating, cooling, and air quality control experts offer air duct cleaning services and repair damaged ductwork. Additionally, our technicians install new ductwork and extend existing HVAC ductwork systems into recent renovations or extensions of your home. There is no need to worry, though. If you find that you own a mini-split system or zoned or ductless home comfort equipment, we can handle the job. Our HVAC technicians are trained extensively in HVAC solutions and equipment.

We are your family-owned residential heating and air conditioning company, and we have technicians available day in and out to service all of your HVAC needs in Highland Heights, KY.


Buy Today, Pay Over Time with HVAC Financing

It can be expensive to replace and install home HVAC units. However, paying for repairs and work needed for your older equipment can be even more expensive. If you currently have outdated, inadequate HVAC equipment, we offer budget-friendly options to help optimize your home's heating, cooling, and ventilation.

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